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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Stripper Project -- Over the Rainbow

This is an ongoing project which group members have 2 months to make a strip of blocks that follows a theme of some sort, then pass on to the next person, and so forth.  The ending project resulting in a quilt make with LOVE, creativity, and hopefully, a size that is desired.

My first project is Melissa's Rainbow strip.  She had an amazing group of different colors with solid white background.

My first idea, learn a new technique!  ha ha!  I used Judy Sisneros' book "Rectangle Pizzazz" and a lot of pins.  It turned out really well.  Using only one 6" strip of a variegated rainbow fabric and one 6" strip of solid white fabric produced this:
Rainbow Curves

Then I read Melissa's request, she wants the strip to be about 14" tall . . . so I had to stack these and trim the white down.  Nonetheless, I did a second strip and put it all together for this effect:
Rainbow Curves 2

Then I read Melissa's request again . . . a minor detail, she wants a "goose" in each block.  Well.  Can't make the whole strip of just this!  I would not be following the rules.  *sigh*  So I had another grand plan, add actual quilt blocks on the ends with the flying geese.

First block is a free-form paper pieced flying geese in rainbow prints, with a dash print background for this:
Flock of geese

Then I did a combination block of the curves and flying geese leftovers for the other side, shown here in the upper right corner:
rainbow stripper #3

All together, this strip with Melissa's looks like this:
rainbow stripper #2
If I had a wall big enough, the picture would of turn out better, showing the full effect of the rainbow.

The flying geese blocked changed a little as well, I added more fabric so it can be trimmed down but also so it will be as long as Melissa's strip (upper left)
rainbow stripper

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