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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tie Dye My World

I think I'm a hippie wannabe. A friend of mine gave me this blue tie dye dress from Target she's had stashed in her storage for a couple of years. She throws me the dress and said I could re-do it to make myself a dress. Well, this baby was 5 sizes too small. Then I noticed that it had a lining that was the SAME fabric and tye dye as the dress. So I took it home, cut off the top (empire waist), removed the smocked waist (way too small for me), and started the project.

I added panels to the sides and made sure the white stripes lined up like everything else. I stitched the skirt directly to the top that allowed me to widen the front & back since it was a standard overlap for sundresses. Then I had leftover fabric. This means I can make a MAXI DRESS!!! I really love long dresses. I used the leftover fabric, made strips and attached to the bottom, creating a vertical visual interest at the bottom. VOILA!

I wore the dress last week and got compliments on it. My only complaint is that I have to wear a slip underneath because it is just a shirting fabric that is light for summer, but see through enough that I don't want to wear it alone.

Sewing mission accomplished.

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