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Friday, September 23, 2011

Sewing Updates

I'm part of this online group, Sew Bee It, through my BFF Shanna, and it's hosted through Flickr.

The ladies for August and September live in the UK.  Well, August did not arrive until August 31, while the September fabric arrived around September 9th.  So apparently it takes 1 week - 1 month for mail to arrive from the UK.

Paw Prints
August: Paw Prints
Churn Dash redux
September: Churn Dash Redux
There was enough fabric for August for me to do 2 blocks.  The queen wanted anything that came out to 12.5" blocks.  I made paw prints and a cobblestone block.

September queen wanted a specific pattern with solid white in the "geese" and outer corners.  Did not quite have enough fabric for two, did manage to get one done.  I loved her color combination and wished I had enough of the solid black to make block #2.

SHG SwapGiving myself deadlines seem to inspire me.  Or at least off my duffer to do something.  I decided to sign up for SewHappyGeek table runner/wall hanging exchange.  You have until Sept. 30 to sign up.  The table runner/wall hanging has to be finished by Nov. 15.  See, deadline, helps me.  I'm on board!

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