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Friday, September 23, 2011

The Car Accident

On September 12, I was going down Melrose Street to go to Albertson's, time: 5:18pm-ish.  A white Mercedes stopped on Figeroa was stopped, and just as I am about to pass in front of her, she steps on the gas and collides with my car.  She managed to get paint all the way to the back bumper too.  Cops were called, police report filed, insurance calls made, and as of September 21, I am not liable.  She did a good number on it too, I cannot even open the front passenger door or roll down the window.

Distracted driver results

Now I'm 75% of the way through the process of having my car fixed.  I'm glad the lady had insurance and they found her liable.  So, no cost to me.  I am scheduled to drop off my car on October 3 and I get to drive around a rental for a week . . . or whenever they get done with my car since it'll require a new paint job on one side.

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