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Monday, August 29, 2011

Sharing is Caring

I decided to share some more of my mom's stuff that she's made me over the years.  You never know where your inspiration will come from.  She is quite the crafty one.

She made the pink star wall hanging (right) for my 19th birthday in 1997.  She also learned how crappy lame is to work with.  This was before quilter's lame came out.  The colors match a set of pillows that she made me in high school, which are buried in my basement somewhere.  She used the leftover fabric from the pillows in the border of this wall hanging.

The purple log cabin wall hanging (top left) my mom made sometime when I was in college for another birthday.  She didn't put a label on the back, year is unknown.  She hand quilted the entire wall hanging.  I found the pieced binding to be interesting.

One year she made a trio of fabric pinecones (bottom left).  I really like how the metallic purple plaid turned out.  These use a styrofoam egg, ribbon or fabric strips are folded and held into place by pins or glue.

This past christmas, she made an awesome blue & white bargello table runner.  She hand appliqued the holly and ornaments.  The picture (bottom right) shows 1/3 of the table runner.  She machine quilted with a silver metallic in a feather pattern.  If I had a hallway, this would be a perfect wall decoration.

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