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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Craft Warehouse is Evil!

I live in a corner of Washington, the "mall" is a 45-min drive to Tri-Cities, WA.  I had to use my $25 gift cheque at Lane Bryant by August 18th.  Who makes a "use by" date on a Thursday?  Nonetheless, I did not brave Cost-Co, so I had the patience to go to Craft Warehouse just to see what they have. 

A color range of teeny tiny stripes.
Bright green & pink batiks.

I like Craft Warehouse's fabric better than JoAnns just based on quality, price is comparable.  I learned they had a S.A.L.E.  Yep!  Yay . . . for my stash!  So every bolt was 30% off ($6-8/yd.), had to find an array of deliciousness.

Mary Englebreit fabric, because it's not black background for once.  I love a lot of her stuff, mainly because it does have black, but also they are whimsical.

Coffee . . . you can never have enough!  I'm thinking of birthday/new year's gifts for people with these . . . or something.  I'm intrigued by the words and it's not a coffee ring or bean, so expands out my creative options.

Then I found random things that I love or can use.

In the meantime, I had an inspiration from PBS with Fon's & Porter's Love of Quilting.  I watched it muted because I was really watching something online that is too embarrassing to admit (Say Yes to the Dress), and it was Gail Kessler's Strata Quilt.  The concept of it is interesting, but a huge waste of fabric.  

Line up diagonal
The red stash & strips
The light red strip set (almost done)

Dark red square, half done
I did two color test strip sets, one being dark red, and one being lighter red, almost borderline pink but not quite.  I researched a little online, looked at pictures, and the strips don't even have to be the same width, which works for me because I want to try out the technique.

I cut out the 9 1/2" blocks from my strip set and it created 3 blocks.  When you layer the other blocks on top, sew diagonally, you should have 6 total (2 strip sets x 3 blocks each = 6)  Hmmm.

Half light & half dark red finished block
I think I like the method of base piecing, like crazy blocks.  You cut 9 1/2" blocks out of a base material, piece strips diagonally and iron as you go, then trim.  It creates the same effect, less waste.

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