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Monday, November 14, 2011

Baby Shower Goodies

A co-worker of mine had a baby shower on Sunday.  I contemplated of what to make or cheat and go buy stuff.  I opted to make some items instead.

Baby blanket
Baby Blanket, backside
First thing was the baby blanket measuring 36" x 44" approximately.  I purchased a pre-sewn patchwork flannel & minkee at JoAnns on sale.  Since this bundle of joy is a boy, I went gender neutral with the colors, just in case the next child is a girl.  :-)  The owls are adorable.  The minkee side had a green stripe, dark brown, beige, and leftover patchwork.  There is no batting so no need to quilt more than in the ditch.

Nursing cloth
Nursing cloth for privacy
Next is the nursing privacy cloth.  I used the left over green minkee stripe on one side, polka dot flannel on the other, measuring approximately 22" x 18".  Match right sides, sew around the edge with the tie ends on one side (I used the flannel), leaving a hole to turn right side out.  Stitch around the item to secure the ties again, and the material.  I quilted one long row down the middle, and two the other direction to secure the fabric and prevent form sliding around too much.  There is no batting.  Since the baby is due Dec. 20th, I figured the minkee would be a good warm place for the baby, plus, can double as a portable change pad if needed.

Burp cloths
3 burp cloths & 1 spit-up cloth
Next, burp cloths!  I used leftover polka dot flannel for one side, approximately 8" x 16", with a towel on the other side.  I bought two towels in two different colors: white & beige.  I figured I can use leftovers to make more for other people's baby showers.  Place right sides together, sew around the edges, leave a hole to turn right side out, and stitch all the way around to secure.

I also used the last of the patchwork fabric to make a spit-up cloth, towel on the other side.  I was about the size of a washcloth but used the bath towel leftovers instead.

Finished basket!

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