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Monday, November 14, 2011

SewHappyGeek Table Runner Swap

I joined the online swap organized and hosted by SewHappyGeek.

I came up with this color combination after "stalking" my partner on flickr:

Green & Aqua
The starting point/inspiration

She said she loves it.  AWESOME!  Then came the issue, what the heck to make.  She wanted a table runner.  I've never made one, so it was going to be an interesting experience.  I decided to do a zig-zag pattern.  After dealing with angles that do not always line up like I was hoping, I decided to make it more patchwork looking.  I did a strip of flying geese, then they kind of started curving.  So that part will be added to the zig-zag.
Cat Tail with Table Runner
different angle

Table Runner Finished
Finished table runner
Now, I had to think of what to put on the ends so it can be oblong for a table.  I decided to do a simple quilt block called a Cobblestone.  I really like this pattern because it uses only 2.5" strips and the blocks finished 12.5" square.

1/2 backside of table runner
The back ended up being scraps.  I used a fat quarter of the stripes in the center and the strips on the sides, creating a generic back side that my partner can use as well.
label: made by me!

One of the minor details is doing a label, which I cheated and wrote on a small section using the micron pens that doesn't bleed.

I machine quilted the entire project.  I used tiny scraps to put the binding on.  So tiny, you can barely see it, but that's ok, I used the scraps!  Waste not what not.  I highly recommend using the quilting spray adhesive for a small project like this, my cats were not fond of the fumes.

Deadline to be mailed to my partner: Nov. 15.  I work well under pressure and with a deadline apparently.  :-)

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