Saturday, January 8, 2011

Thanksgiving Quilt Project

I love seeing new quilt ideas that are easy and modern without it being out of my sewing experience league. As an admirer of bright colors, I really enjoyed seeing Elizabeth Green-Hartman's "New Wave" quilt pattern. The concept is a nice take on the tumbler template, which I hate templates, but this was surprisingly easy.

I spent a day cutting out the sashing and trapezoids at a girlfriend's house one day. I choose to use a variety of greens: shades of lime, olive, and sage. Some came from JoAnn's, others from my stash. The greens go wonderfully with the Patty Young set of heavenly chocolate browns and greens "Andalucia" set. I also threw in some chocolate brown background prints I had in my stash as well. Then came the tricky part, what to do about the sashing.

The same day I was cutting fabric, we went to the local quilt store and found the perfect fabric by LakeHouse that is a fuschia and pink stripes with some orange/magenta for 30% off. Took a day to sew up while I was visiting family over Thanksgiving. I highly recommend this as a full weekend quilt top for beginners.

My mom did a version of this with black with white rows alternating with white with black, with a lovely cranberry red sashing. Quite stunning actually.


H2Ogirl said...

this is SO lovely. I love how it turned out! Maybe during a quilting day we should go and rent a longarm and go to town on a few of these finished beauties.

Jovanna said...

I'm going to do this quilt in other colors . . . haven't figured out what yet. :-)