Monday, January 28, 2013

A Year of Finishes

Why not add another flickr group to my plate!

A friend of mine, Shanna, is a hard core blogger compared to me.  She is working on this whole project with Melissa.  You can join in too!

My January project is to finish my Batik Stripper Quilt top.  I sewn this part at Shanna's house on Dec. 29th, I decided to do a 45 degree sewing between each strip, the hardest part was making sure the angle was going the same direction on one long strip, but not every row is going the same direction.
Batik Stripper Quilt

I used about 40 batik 2.5" strips from a shop-hop collection that I gathered in 2011, it maybe covered half of my queen bed.  I estimated that I needed to cut another 40.  I am amazed I have 40 different batiks to add to this!  I didn't even get into my purple drawer!

I spent one night cutting, about 2-3 hours.  Another night sewing some together, another 2 hours.  Then another night sewing the rest and iron to see how big this is and it's FINISHED!

Batik Stripper Quilt

This could easily be a weekend quilt project.  I did not follow any pattern, it is all straight sewing.  It is a very nice way of using up scraps or jelly rolls that you have no clue what to make.  You can google "Jelly Roll Race" and see the different variations to this very simple idea.

Have fun and keep quilting!

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